1. We believe our greatest purpose and God’s deepest joy are found when we lose ourselves in serving the needs of others.

2. We resource local-based work in impoverished communities that honors the Father, encourages the saints, strengthens the weak, and restores the hope of the fatherless.

3. We believe that every community is fully equipped by God to be healthy and prosperous, so we choose to view the potential of their strengths rather than the weight of their lack.

4. We believe the people we partner with have more to teach us than we can teach them, so we approach them in a manner that respects their wisdom and seeks to learn from it.

5. We believe that God instructs us to be both radical in our faith and prudent in our planning, so we design our work to honor both.

6. We believe that impacting the future of a community requires a 15-year commitment to bringing relief, rebuilding capacity, and redefining opportunity for their people.

7. We believe that all the resources entrusted to Restoration Hope are intended to be used as an investment in the eternal value of the lives of those we serve. As such, we approach every spending decision in a manner that respects this sacred trust given to us by God and others.


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