The Problem

Sadly, more than 1,000 children are infected with HIV every single day. Of these children, more than half will die as a result of AIDS because of a lack of access to HIV treatment. Millions more are indirectly affected by the epidemic each and every day as a result of the death and suffering caused in their families and communities — from child-headed households to abandonment and abuse. This is the reality for the community of Sweetwaters, South Africa where our work is focused.


The Response

As you can imagine, witnessing the needless suffering and death faced daily by people living in abject poverty would change anyone who witnessed it; and so it was with founders Jason & Brandy Hester. God pushed them beyond the comfortable confines of their normal lives and challenged them to put their faith in God into action. After what they had seen and experienced, they founded Restoration Hope in response to the dream God placed in their hearts. Restoration Hope is a 501c(3) organization that works with local established partners on the ground in South Africa. We hope that you will consider joining with us as a part of God’s movement to change his community – from one that is marked by external poverty and injustice to one redeemed and transformed by the power of Christ in his people across the globe.

Our History

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